Certified Earth Angel Diploma Course

I highly recommend this course!
I so enjoyed this course and the energy was amazing. There are meditations within the course and I have to say my experience was outstanding.

I am feeling so blessed to have been guided to this course.

Please follow the guidance you are being given and trust in yourself and what you receive.

I am so grateful, I did.

Blessings and Love,


Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner Diploma Course

I am so excited to share that I have completed this course. 
I learned a lot and had fun while doing it. 

Now I am practicing what I have learned and connecting with energy.

This course has fed my soul so much that I am taking a few more courses. 

Feeling so blessed and grateful.

Just wanted to share.

Blessings and Love,

Divine Insight: Feeding My Soul

For those wondering why I haven’t written in a bit, it’s because I am taking a course called: “Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner.” This course has been feeding my Soul.

It’s funny in a way how Spirit guides us to our next steps. I have been seeing an online ad for this course almost every other day for a week, so I finally said, Okay I get it. Then looked further into the course and it resonated so much with me to the point that I realized that it was a perfect fit with Reiki.

I have loved crystals for so long. I wear a lot of crystal jewelry, have crystals throughout our home, so I decided to sign up for the course. I have to say right from the start I was drawn in. There was information I already knew but more I didn’t.

So happy I payed attention to the signs and followed my guidance. This course has ignited my love of crystals and being a channel for healing energy.

So, I ask to please be patient with me as I work and continue on with this course.

Following your passion is fun and ignites more within you! 😊

Blessings and Love,


Divine Message: 11 11 Activation

On this magical day of the 11th month and 11th day, We come forward to activate and guide you all forward with your willingness. We are here to bring you to a new level of awareness. This awareness will guide you to financial security (but not wealth) as that is not the purpose. The purpose is to open you up to the realization that all this is within you to tap into. To share this wisdom with those to come forward and who are searching for guidance in who they truly are.

I and many others are here now to be of service to those who wish it to be so. We have come from many dimensions to be of service in the here and now.

We are waiting to guide you to your abundant life. Take time to meditate and call to us. We will answer your call with Love, Guidance, Honor and what you truly need to achieve your highest purpose.

We come to all in Peace and Love! Blessed Be.

Love, Peace, Romantic, Romance, Happy, Friendship

This message was channeled to me by Ashtar, The Galactic Council, Ascended Masters with the blessing of Source (God, Spirit, Universe) as part of my Spiritual Team.

Blessings and Love,

Harmony, Peace, Togetherness, Love Peace, Retro, Hope

Divine Insight: Love and Kindness

Kindness and Love come in many forms. Only those who give and receive, know the true value.

I am grateful to be able to say I have been on both ends. Recently I was the receiver of both. My husband, as I have mentioned before is a huge supporter of who I am. He recently purchased a camper that we will fix up as a place for me to do card readings (Oracle, Tarot, Animal, and Empowerment), Mediumship and Intuitive Readings, and Reiki for clients. As well as a relaxing place, quiet space for me to write and meditate. We spent a quiet evening together over coffee chatting/connecting about the work we will do on the camper and as a place for us to spend quiet time together as well.

Love, Jesus, Prophet, Holy Man, Christ, Lord, Spiritual

I am so grateful for this thoughtfulness and love. His support in anything I wish to try or do is amazing. Even when he isn’t comfortable with what I would like to try he goes out of his way to help make it possible.

He inspires me every day to be who I am and to keep at it. To believe in me.

I am truly blessed to have his love. So grateful that he walks with me each and every day. That our journey is one full of Love, Respect, Compassion, Kindness, Support, and Empowerment for each other. We walk together as one in the full knowledge that we are being guided by a Higher Power God, Spirit, Source).

We are grateful to God for bringing us together.

Blessings and Love,
Hearts, 3D, Love, Rainbow, Spectrum, Design, Decorative

Divine Insight: Faith


Faith is the stairway to possibilities.

You may not know what comes after each step but you know that it is what you hoped for.

Believe it, Know it, Live it, Having Faith.

Author unknown by me
Love, Present, Faith, Emoji, Symbol, Existence

This message speaks to my heart.

I have, as I am sure all of you have been going through changes. Feelings from our past/pasts have been bubbling to the surface for us to deal with. The emotions can be strong. Know that dealing with the feelings is always for our higher good.

Believe me, it can be overwhelming at times so if need be do it in steps. But deal with the emotions.

For me, it has been to accept that I am good enough.

Whatever the emotions are for you feel it, release it, forgive and send love. Remember this goes for self as well. Take care of you and the rest will fall into place. Know that you have a Team, oh so ready to help you all that is needed is to ask. Once that has been done, believe it is taking place, have faith in yourself and a higher power.

God Bless each and everyone.

Believe, Hope, have Faith and Love!

Blessings and Love,
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The month of October Special!

Three cards pulled for $20
You choose which offer resonates with you!

The first offer is on:
past, present, and future

The second offer is on:
What to hold on to
What to let go of
How to navigate between the two

This is for entertainment purposes only.
18+ is the minimum requirement. If there is a health problem, consult your physician immediately. You are responsible for your own health care and mental health care. Please make an appointment for a reading. All paid readings need to be satisfied before the reading takes place.
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