Goose River Community Centre


Come and join us for a fun-filled night of laughter, great music, and dancing!

The music and dancing start at 8 pm and the fun continues till 11 pm.
Admission is $8. per person.

What a fabulous time my husband and I had on Saturday, June 29th. The music was lively and everyone was having a lot of fun. We felt so welcomed right away!

A great way to meet people and catch up with friends and neighbors.

We have been blessed with visitors from far and wide who are friends just the same. We may start out as new people to each other but always leave as friends.

There is a door prize, 50/50 tickets to purchase and loads of fun.

We are licensed and we offer beer, wine, whiskey, rum, vodka, and as well, bottled water, pop, chips and bars for purchase.

A light lunch is served!
goose river lunch table 25 percent

The name of the game is down home Island hospitality and a great time for all.
Come and bring friends for an evening of music, dancing, and fun!

We look forward to seeing you soon,
Friends of Goose River Community Centre and Delores Williams (blogger)




“ I AM “

Words have such power they empower, uplift, and even hurt. So let us use them for raising each other up always. I am a firm believer in the “ I AM “ statements/affirmations/intentions.

Let’s try something together!

For seven days lets say the following affirmation/intention and see how it make us feel and what our experience is like; are you with me?

Repeat three times wither silently or audibly: “ ‘I AM’ the Resurrection and the Life”

Then sit in silence for a moment and feel/experience how the words affect you. Also, say this if you feel your thoughts drifting in a manner not pleasing to you to redirect the energy.

When you recognize and accept fully “I AM” as the Mighty Presence of God in you – in action, you will have taken one of the greatest steps to liberation.

If this message resonates with you, I recommend reading: The ‘I AM’ Discourse. An amazing book, full of wisdom.

Take heart dear ones, ‘I AM’ always with you!

Also when saying the ‘I AM’ it is to be done so with complete love, trust and awareness of the Opulence of God within you.

Once doubt, fear or anxiety enter it diminishes the energy flow of the affirmation/intention being said.

There is no need for fear, doubt or any of these, as Love, Harmony, Compassion, Kindness, Truth, Integrity, Hope and Faith are all you will ever need to abide in Me.

Blessings and Love,
Delores and Yeshua
Love, Jesus, Prophet, Holy Man, Christ, Lord, Spiritual


Just finished reading a trilogy called, Bearth.

Here are the full titles:

  • Bearth: Two Earths, one race for time – 2016

  • Bearth: The Grand Division – 2016

  • Bearth: The Grand Division: L’Olam – 2017

by Brooks A. Agnew

These books have been recommended to me by a friend. She thought I would be interested in them and the message.
She was right! At first, I thought I had purchased the incorrect books, but once I got into the first book I was hooked. These books tell a story of what we have known all along.

It is about Love, Trusting in our Knowledge within and Sharing of ourselves.

It is also about positive thought, believing, trusting, having faith, hope, and working together for the greater good.

If what I am writing resonates, I hope you will search out these books.

Keeping our vibration high and heart-centered is how we live each day in our highest good for all of humanity.

A smile, kind word, a touch will ease so much in everyone and everything.

Trust your intuition!

You are not alone. We are many and we love from our centered hearts. We are calm, relaxed and at peace within as without.

Take time to meditate/pray on this. Then listen, feel your answer.

We love you, we are here for you! God Bless You All!

Blessings and Love,
Delores and Archangel Metatron

Heart Strings

What is it the pulls on your heart?
Is it an emotion?
Is it lust?
Is it faith?
Have you been doing your inner work?
Are you releasing what no longer serves your higher good?

I ask these questions to remind you that it is and always will be about LOVE in all its forms. In order to be at your highest good, you need to Love Yourself Unconditionally.
Self Love is so Important!
How do you love others, if you don’t love yourself?

Take some time to sit with yourself in silence. Then ask your Angels what it is you need to work on for your higher good. Then ask for a next step and follow through on the guidance given.

Remember the saying: God helps those who help themselves.

We all need to take action steps towards what we are asking guidance for. Yes, asking is part of it but we need to be willing to do the work. Many are doing just that but others need a helping hand. Share your knowledge/experience so others know they are not alone. Be open, loving, compassionate and show/share your passion.

You all are amazing, shine, love and be passionate about your beliefs. You are a Divine spark, create the life you want to live full of Love, Harmony, Compassion, and what it is you desire. It is time.

Keep loving positive thoughts and watch the magic within you grow!

Blessings and Love,
Delores and Archangel Metatron
Your Heart String, Saying, Wisdom, Butterfly, Sun, Joy

God Lives Within Us

I recently watched on Netflix a movie called “God’s Not Dead A Light in Darkness”. This movie spoke to me and touched my heart.

There are three God’s not Dead movies.
Here are the titles:
God’s Not Dead (2014)
God’s Not Dead 2 (2016)
God’s Not Dead A Light in Darkness (2018)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
God’s Not Dead is a 2014 American Christian drama film directed by Harold Cronk and starring Kevin Sorbo, Shane Harper, David A. R. White, and Dean Cain. The film was released theatrically on March 21, 2014, by Pure Flix Entertainment.
Written by Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman, and based on Rice Broocks’ book God’s Not Dead: Evidence for God in an Age of Uncertainty, the film follows a  college student (Harper) whose faith is challenged by a philosophy professor (Sorbo) who declares God a pre-scientific fiction. It received mostly negative reviews, but grossed over $62 million on a $2 million budget.
The film is followed by the 2016 film God’s Not Dead 2 and the 2018 film God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness.

I have watched all three of them and highly recommend them. I’m sure that each of us at some point in time has wondered if God is alive or even exists. I can see how it happens.

I have always prayed, I knew they were heard and answered. That is something I never doubted.

There have been times when I wondered if God was with me, during my marriage then divorce and even through challenges of being a mother. Even though I wondered, when I think back there is one thing I remember doing constantly, it was praying.

I am not the same person I was in all the different stage of my life, and I thank God for that. The lessons/challenges I went through taught me, confidence, to trust myself and to ask God if this was His will for me. He also taught me so much more. Through it all, I grew in knowledge, confidence in Him.

I prayed and asked God for someone who would love me for who I am, who would support me and walk with me on the next leg of my journey. I learned that God has a sense of humor because no one was more surprised than me at the gentleman who God guided to me. We have lessons/challenges to overcome and grow from. We did it together and I am grateful and blessed to have him in my life. Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses but we work together and have grown together.

We each have something to bring to another. It’s important to do it with Love at the forefront and with now expectations.

I know God is Love and God is most definitely alive!

He lives within each of us and loves us. We may call Him by different names but He lives and is guiding our path.

Trust in who you are and continue on your journey being guided, loved, and protected by God.

Speak/pray to Him, He listens and answers always.

Believe as it is so.

Blessings and Love,
God, Lord, Creator, Holy, Divine, Origin, Universal

Love, Respect, Healing

This past weekend as I was enjoying nature by walking in the woods, it occurred to me how harmful, disrespectful and wasteful we have been to our planet. I was walking in this most beautiful setting, enjoying the sights and sounds around, me only to have stopped a moment to absorb it into my being and then out of the corner of my eye, I saw a can on the ground. It was so heartbreaking, to see the disrespect of that can there. It also broke my heart as I was unable to reach the area to remove it due to the ground being wet and slippery. I will return once it is dry to remove the can and anything that man has placed/thrown there that absolutely doesn’t belong.

When will we learn that we all need to respect, honor and love Mother Earth/Gaia?

Our planet is in such a state and yet we keep abusing her. The world is changing always and we need to change with it and take responsibility for the damage we have done to her. The time is now to do this! There is no time left. We need to repair the damage and heal Mother Earth for future generations.

If each and every one of us took care of what we do with our trash, chemicals used and water usage, we may be able to heal Mother Earth and help to restore balance.

I simply ask that we be mindful of our actions and think of the effects they will have on Mother Earth and future generations.

Let’s teach our children to Love, Respect, and Heal Mother Earth. It isn’t too late. Teach by example so that the teaching continues through all the generations to come.

Blessing and Love,

Space available for mentoring

May be used in half (½ hour) increments or by the hour. Offering guidance on your spiritual path. This may be done by email or video chat.

Full payment in advance by PayPal.

4 hours $300

  • Proper setup and use of a pendulum
  • Crystal basics
  • Mentoring on opening Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentience (clear feeling), Claircognizance (clear knowing), Clairalience (clear smelling), Clairgustance (clear tasting)
  • Answering any questions you may have on any spiritual topic

Please contact me by email: to set up a schedule for mentoring.