Speak Up

As a caring individual I see a lot that many may miss, whether it is because they are unaware, not interested or do not care.

How as a society can we continue to let this happen?

There are many homeless of all ages, seniors and children who are lonely, ill, forgotten and mistreated.

How can we not see this?

I am asking that you take time to speak to a homeless person and see if they are in need or wish help. I ask that you check in with seniors in your neighborhood and see if any need help, whether it be a chat, meals to be made, food purchased, the list could go on. We need to help those who are not able to help themselves or have no one to help them.

It is written in KJV Bible Matthew 7:12 Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even do to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

Matthew 22:37-40 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thy self. On these two commandments hang all the law and prophets.

Let us not forget the children. There are many who need love, support, and guidance.

Please open your heart, clear your sight and speak up for those unable to do so for themselves. Always speak with kindness, compassion, respect, and a heart open to love others for the higher good of all.

Together we can and will make a difference and co-create a loving world for all to thrive!

We need to put I AM THAT I AM/God and Yeshua/Jesus foremost in our hearts and to follow His commandments.

Take time to think on this and follow your heart. God Bless

Blessings and Love, Delores

Honor and Privilege

Two and a half years ago, I had the honor of meeting the kindest lady ever!

Her family hired me to be her caregiver. I have to say, I was the one who was blessed that day. Not only did I meet the most interesting women, but I also got to know her family.

Over our time together, we discovered we had so much in common. We liked to grow herbs, sew, and embroider to name but a few. We became friends over our time together.

This women led the most fulfilling life. Our chats were filled with laughter and sharing our life’s journey.

You may have noticed that I haven’t given her name to you. That is for a couple of reasons: first and most important is out of respect for her family, the second is as a caregiver we are not to share who we are in service to.

My dear friend has passed on to a better place and I like to think she is with the love of her life. She spoke of her husband and their time together with such love and joy in her voice and heart. It was so strong that you could feel it as she spoke. I also want to believe that they are dancing after a romantic meal. After all it is how they met.

I am writing this now as some time has passed and I am ready to share my experience with you, and hopefully be able to write without to many tears.

This woman and her family touched my heart in so many ways each day.

My friend was so down to earth, kind, and always had a smile for all. She enjoyed company and tea parties.

We spent many a day watching the birds at the feeder. I believe she loved the hummingbirds the most. She worried that they were so small and might not have enough to drink. We would look up together any new birds that came to the feeder. This was something we both enjoyed doing. We spent many an afternoon over tea watching birds.

Her children and granddaughters would pop in over the course of each day to have a chat, see how she was doing, and to let her know what they had planned for the day.

Even now when I see the hummingbirds at my feeder, I think of my friend with a smile and heart full of joy. She would love to know that I have so many at my feeder. I also know that her daughter in-law still keeps the feeders full for the birds who came to visit my friend and bring a smile to her face.

Her family is now beginning a new normal for them. Each had gone onto a daily routine to help them move forward and bring some joy to their lives.

They all took turns in caring for her around the clock. The love and care they took with their mother, mother in-law and each other speaks so highly of how each were brought up, but also of the love and support they share as a family.

I experienced and felt their love of each other, but I also knew how much I was appreciated while I was there and even now. Their kindness is amazing!

Life’s journey has many twists and turns in it, but the one who appreciates the moments are truly blessed. I am forever grateful for the twists or turns that brought me to their door. I carry in my heart the memories of my time with my friend and her family. I will be forever grateful.

I love to believe that my friend is having a wonderful new journey with her husband and together they are watching over their family. May God Bless each of them.

Blessings and Love, Delores

Experiencing in Nature

Taken by Delores Williams

On our journey today we stopped at a lovely tranquil beach. We set up our chairs to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

My husband decided he would set up his rod and see if there were any bass about.

Picture taken from free photo library

I closed my eyes and felt the energy move up my body from the soles of my feet. Then I felt drawn to meditate which I began to do and the energy within me shifted and in I went. I saw the most beautiful lion also felt my energy shift and become lighter.

I thought of the lions gate, then of spirit animals and animal totems. So much to feel at once.

I saw and felt so much more than I’m sharing here. The experience so filled up my soul and rejuvenated me.

I am grateful for all I experienced and felt. Take time to meditate and experience all that I AM THAT I AM and Yeshua wish to share with you. God Bless 🙏

Blessings and Love, Delores

Think before Accepting


I wrote about the Benefits of PrePlanning in June. This is about what happens when there is more than what meets the eye. I am writing from my experience.

How well do you really know someone you call a friend? Before my experience as a friends power of attorney, I would have said very well. Now I would say not as well as I thought.

Yes, people change over their lifetime, but some things stay the same if the person isn’t willing to work on their issues. The signs were all there, and if I am being truthful with myself, I knew.

I was so focused on helping her in her time of need that I let the signs go by unnoticed. It took my husband and a couple of acquaintances to keep saying to me, you can’t keep going on like this. You are going to either end up sick or hurt. I did listen with an open mind and heart. I also noticed I was changing and it wasn’t for the good. I was stressed, not sleeping well, and at times I was short tempered. I was speaking my truth but I could have done it in a more loving way.

I knew my friend’s world as she knew it was changing so drastically. She was overwhelmed, scared and feeling unsafe. But the only way she seemed to listen or understand what I was saying or asking of her was to speak clearly, truthfully, and with no emotion. Which is so not like me. Anyone who knows me is very aware that I am an emotional person. I speak from the heart. So to speak to her with no emotion got her attention. She even asked me why I was speaking to her this way. I said so you will listen and understand the importance.

Let’s just say that after emptying her apartment of twenty five years worth of papers, envelopes, notebooks, and the rest of her things, I was tired but feeling hopeful that things were on there way to completion. Boy, did I have that wrong. I was making calls and found out she hadn’t done some important paperwork for two years that would affect her chance of getting into a Community Care Facility. At that point I realized I was in over my head and it was time to call a lawyer to see what options I had available to me. The option he put forth was to renounce all that I signed up for. So I had the paperwork done and I delivered them myself to my friend with tears in my eyes. I explained the reasons why I was renouncing everything. Only to have her speak about the money she spent, the flip phone (I paid for) not working. I was so hurt.

I explained again why she was having issues with the flip phone. That she couldn’t keep it plugged into the charger all the time. To make sure the volume was up on high. To turn it off while she slept at night. That maybe if she did that the other ladies in the hospital room might do the same and maybe it would be a little quieter so she may sleep better.

My friend always believed in God, Jesus and the angels, but fear has taken a hold of her and with it she has become negative and unfriendly. It is so sad to see her this way. Even with reminding her to pray and ask God for help she seems lost, the only word I can say to describe what I feel and see of my friend.

My lesson in all of this is to love my friend but to think before jumping into a situation that is more than I’m able to handle while working full time. All the calls took me away from caring for my caregiving clients which added to my guilt and stress. Because I felt I wasn’t giving them my best.

My friend has been moved to a Community Care Facility and my hope is that with the structure, meals, meds, sleep, and quite she will flourish, and feel more like herself.

Please search out all information about becoming a power of attorney before signing. I found out that if a family member isn’t pleased with what you have done there is a possibility that you could be sued.

So even though it may be the right thing to do and you know this in your heart and mind. It may not be the best for you and your loved ones. Ask lots of questions and make sure you are comfortable with the answers.

Life is fleeting. But we need to be aware of all things and do what’s best for our higher good and the rest will fall into place. Trust in I AM THAT I AM and Yeshua. God Bless

Blessings and Love, Delores

Joyful Sound

Have you ever just sat in silence and listened to bird song?

I AM THAT I AM/God’s creation, birds are so joyful sounding!

The other day I had the pleasure of being able to sit at the shore and listen to the birds singing. It was so peaceful and joyous. The water was so blue, with a light breeze, and the joyful sound of birds in the air.

When was the last time you truly enjoyed nature? How often do you sit and listen to bird song, frogs croaking, or watched lightening bugs?

Take time to just sit in silence and enjoy all of God’s creations. They were made to be enjoyed and bring pleasure to those willing to listen. It is worth it! God Bless

Blessings and Love, Delores

Benefits of PrePlanning

Now I would like to touch on a topic that some may not wish to hear about, I’m speaking of PrePlanning what your wishes are when when you are unable to care for yourself.

What I’m sharing here is from my experience of helping a dear friend as she moves forward from living independently to a hospital.

For the past two years, I have been speaking to my friend about making arrangements for her care when she isn’t able to care for herself. She kept putting it off as well as appointing a power of attorney, making a health directive and will. I will say, that I wasn’t the only one speaking to her of these issues.

I want to mention that at the beginning of May 2021, she was reported for driving way to slow and a danger to others on the road. She arrived for testing with a person on either side of her as well as a walker. She lost her license.

Now we are two years later at the end of May 2021 and she fell in her apartment and wasn’t able to get up. Luckily a friend checked on her and called for an ambulance.

She is now in week four of her hospital stay. Now everything is moving fast, and everything is overwhelming for her. Everyone asking her to make decisions, finding a care facility and many other financial decisions.

What most don’t realize by putting off these decisions, they are leaving their loved ones with no instruction of their wishes and making it difficult if there is more than one loved one who wishes to be included in the planning, or in my case it has been and continues to be difficult with everyone calling wanting things done which I’m not able to do as there is no power of attorney in place. So everyone is working around me which leaves me not knowing who is doing what and why. When asking my friend she doesn’t remember what has been said, because she is overwhelmed and her life is so unsure and she is scared.

It is during these times that it is important to breathe, remember to be kind, and loving. Set up boundaries and stick to them. To call on a higher power and pray for guidance and support. A strong foundation of faith is so needed and precious at this time.

The one thing I must say is that this is an emotional time for all, so treat each other with love and patience. Remember things still need to be done and moving forward.

For me it took being stern with my friend to get her to start the paperwork for power of attorney and the other paperwork. Believe me it hurt my heart to speak to her in that way but I needed her to decide what she wanted to take place.

One thing I will say is that too many hands in the pot doesn’t make the load easier in my experience. That is why a power of attorney is so important. That one person speaks for their loved one, when they are not able. Plus the benefit is it gives the hospital personnel, care facility and others one person to speak to who can make decisions on behalf of their loved one and follow their wishes. This becomes so difficult without the paperwork as I have found out. I still have not been able to speak to a doctor about what happened and what she needs for care.

So take time to have this discussion and do the follow through work. Once all is complete then enjoy the time with your loved ones. Having the difficult conversation now will make the changes so much easier, they will flow with ease and grace. Remember to include funeral arrangements, music and bible verses. It will be difficult but less stressful for all to have it all planned then to do it on the fly when you should be focused on your loved one. God Bless

Blessings and Love, Delores

Kindness and Patience

In this day of hussle and bussle, we need to be more aware of the words we use. Words have amazing power, they can support and lift someone up or they can hurt and bring them down. We are meant to be supportive and uplifting!

Yes, our lives can seem very busy, but are they really? Do we fill our days with so much for our well being or to serve what others expect?

I was reminded a while back that the only ones I serve are I AM THAT I AM and Yeshua. In doing so, my life has become less complicated and much fuller. We need to make the choice!

I made my choice when I was young to always serve I AM THAT I AM and Yeshua.

I’m going to be honest here! Patience is a work in progress with me, I am better at it then I was. I still need to work at it. It has taken work to be patient with others at times, what I found that works for me is to stop, breathe, and listen before I speak. Don’t get me wrong here, at times I still get frustrated with others and myself. But I stop, breathe, listen again then speak. I have to say, I have been doing that more again lately.

KJV scripture: Joshua 24:15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorities, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we serve the Lord.

People come into our life for a reason, I believe this. It maybe to help them, or a lesson to be learned. No matter the reason send love and kindness, be compassionate and work your patience.

You have no idea what the person is going through or has gone through.

Love heals all! ♥️

Don’t forget to pray over the person, situation, and ask for insight/ guidance so you may better help.

Remember all you need to do is pray and ask Him to come into your life and He will. Then let Him do His will for your life, it will be awesome. Remember to show gratitude! God Bless

Blessings and Love, Delores

Life is Fleeting

Are you happy?
Are you enjoying each day or are you just getting through it?

Life is passing by!
We need to sit down, pray and ask I AM THAT I AM/God/Spirit/Source/Universe for guidance.
Do what makes you happy and work at a career that brings you joy that and fills your heart.

I learned this lesson a few years ago, when my husband went in for day surgery and ended up in ICU for eight week, non responsive and on a breathalyzer. Our lives changed that day. I basically moved into his hospital room. I slept a few hours each night and prayed. He woke at the end of eight weeks and was moved to our local hospital and was released a couple of weeks later. The day he came back/woke was the most precious moment.

I realized through that time my prioritizes needed to change. I was focused on paying bills and making a living that the most important things God, family and friends were being put on the side lines. I sat in silence and prayed for guidance and a new career that of course paid our bills but more importantly filled my heart and soul. Also that it also brought me joy. I AM THAT I AM has blessed me with such a career as a care giver. I have met the most amazing souls/people. It brings me great joy to help others in their time of need.

I am over joyed to say my husband has healed and is living a full life. We are grateful and blessed to be together.

Don’t just get through your day or life. It is meant to be lived in joy, with love and fun! Enjoy each moment of every day with your loved ones while they are here. Life is precious so live it fully. Be spontaneous, go and do something just because you would like too! Dance under the stars, sing as loud as you want, do all the things that make you happy and do it with the ones you love.

Leave nothing unsaid, life is fleeting, say what you mean/feel from the heart and with love always.

Most importantly remember your Higher Power/God/IAMTHATIASM/Spirit/Divine/Source/Universe and include Him in your daily life. Give thanks to Him for all He does for you and your loved ones.

Really live the life that I AM THAT I AM has planned for you. Ask Him to guide your steps and know in your heart it is being done, because it is. God Bless

Blessings and Love,

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What is the cost of kindness?

I recently purchased a cup of coffee for someone and the reaction of the person was so heartfelt that it has me writing about acts of kindness.

Acts of kindness need not cost a thing! It could be as simple as a cup of coffee or even better, listening to someone who needs to be heard.

In this time of change and people not being able to see others as they did, a kindness could be a call to see how someone is doing and letting them know they are thought of and loved.

Yes, we tend to be busy with our lives but it only takes a few moments of our time to make someone feel loved and important. There are many people who have no one and would appreciate a check in, think of your neighbor, young or elderly. When was the last time you saw an elderly neighbor? Have you made an effort to check on them? Do they need help or groceries? It is important to check on them, someday you may wish someone would be willing to check on you.

KJV Matthew 22:37-40 Jesus said unto him. “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”

I believe the bible verse above says it all!

Be kind to everyone. God Bless

Blessings and Love, Delores

Feeling Hopeful

Today while I was out and about, I was witness to something I haven’t seen since I was a young girl. It brought me such pleasure to see a couple at a restaurant together chatting not on their cellphones.

But what really filled my heart and soul happened after their meal was served. They reached for each other’s hand and bowed their heads in prayer. The sight and feeling of being witness to the knowledge that I AM THAT I AM/God is still present within us, was so powerful. It strengthened my faith that we are reaching out to Him in ways that I am sure are pleasing to Him.

It also helped me realize that I need to step up and do what I am being asked to do. I AM THAT I AM/God wants us to remember Him and reach out to Him. I am so grateful for being witness to prayer today in a restaurant. What a gift to behold.

Take time and reach out to Him and know He is waiting to hear from you. God Bless 🙏

Blessings and Love, Delores